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CB Shop

I know the feeling of going to a so called CB Shop where you have a self-proclaimed best tech know it all in the world and getting ripped off and your radio hacked as I did when I first started on two way radio back in 1968.

It’s amazing how some of these so called radio techs would even dare to unscrew a radio cover and go to work with their golden screwdrivers.

There are still a hand full of good radio techs and shops around but the bad ones outweigh us 10 to 1.

This is not the case with my two way radio shop

Do I proclaim to be the know it all best tech in the world, No but I’m very good at what I do and I will NEVER BS you or rip you off of your hard earned money.

My prices are more than fair as I believe in a returning customer and that customer will convey to others not the one time hit you on top of the head walk out the door never come back prices.

I run an honest clean radio shop where you will be treated with respect and dignity and the customer is always right.

I am a top rated power seller of two way radios on Ebay under Magnum 1013 and my feedback and reputation speaks for itself as I’ve been servicing two way radios for 40+ years.

595 Two-Way-Radio

Magnum 1013

Ebays Top Rated Power Seller Magnum 1013

40+ Years in the Two-Way Radio Field

Sales, Service, & Installation

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